Post-Operative Shoes: The Need for Change

Why I Created The AdaptaStep® Recovery Shoe by Dr. Harold Schoenhaus Post-op or trauma shoes have played a significant role in the recovery of a patient from injury, surgical or external trauma. These shoes have undergone changes in appearance, materials, shape and anchoring—indicating the need to adapt to various self-induced problems from the shoe itself.

8 Types Of Foot Surgery & What They Mean For You

The foot is a complicated part of the anatomy, consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints and numerous tendons, ligaments and muscles. Many conditions affecting the foot can produce discomfort and without strong and healthy feet, we are often limited in our mobility. Sometimes the structure and mechanics of our feet and/or ankles change—for any number

Fitness Tips For Diabetics

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, but it is especially important for people with diabetes. However, living with diabetes can also complicate things when it comes to working out. Below are some tips for people with diabetes to get the most out of their fitness programs.

Quick Tips For Traveling Light

Traveling can leave you feeling free and easy—unless, of course, you’re bogged down with tons of heavy luggage. A few tips for traveling light can help you retain that free and easy feeling without sacrificing the items you need.

Orthotic Insoles for Work: How To Find What’s Right For You

While there are many types of orthotic devices—ranging from inlays to heel cups to silicone pads—the most common type of orthotics are insoles. To the untrained eye, orthotic insoles look very similar to the insoles that come with most shoes, but orthotic insoles feature a more custom design meant to give your feet support where it needs it the

Swollen Feet: Symptoms & Causes

Swollen feet and ankles—often called edema—are a fairly common occurrence. In healthy people, foot swelling occurs occasionally and resolves spontaneously after resting and elevating the feet. Feet and ankle swelling can have many minor or temporary causes. These causes can range from spending long periods of time walking or standing, air travel, long car rides