Pack Smart. Pack Light – 10 Tips for Traveling This Summer

  We have created this handy ebook just in time for travel season. It’s a quick read full of tips for packing to keep you on-the-go with ease. Have fun and enjoy! Let us know where you go and how your packing turned out, especially if you have any tips to share with us.

Keeping Diabetic Feet Fit For Travel

For diabetics, walking—and a lot of it—can be an issue. For those who’ve dealt with diabetes for years, it can be even more complicated. High blood sugars, over an extended period of time, can be damaging to nerves in many parts of the body, but is most common in the feet. This damage can impair

1-2-3 Go! Choosing The Best Bags For Carefree Travels

When you’re traveling light, you’re less weighed down and more carefree. And carefree travels mean lots of happy memories. But traveling light and carefree doesn’t mean doing without the necessities. It just means redefining what those necessities are. Here’s a great 3-step system for packing that will ensure you can pack what you need but

Foot Care For Travel

Your feet are often your primary vehicle when traveling. That means proper foot care is vitally important to ensure a happy and memorable trip.

Quick Tips For Traveling Light

Traveling can leave you feeling free and easy—unless, of course, you’re bogged down with tons of heavy luggage. A few tips for traveling light can help you retain that free and easy feeling without sacrificing the items you need.