Are Tight Sheets Causing My Foot Pain?

A friend recently revealed that he thought his wife was tucking in the sheets too tightly and this was what had been causing his heel pain first thing in the morning. While the too-tight sheets might be true, the likelihood that the friend’s foot pain is due to an overzealous bed maker or extreme ‘hospital

After-Activity Recovery Footwear & Why You Need It

Recovery footwear is a growing trend, especially among runners and other avid athletes. Designed to jump start the recovery process, a great pair of recovery shoes allows your feet to breathe, your toes to relax and spread out, and provides needed arch support and heel cradling. Whether you’ve just finished running, playing, lifting or just

Post-Operative Shoes: The Need for Change

Why I Created The AdaptaStep® Recovery Shoe by Dr. Harold Schoenhaus Post-op or trauma shoes have played a significant role in the recovery of a patient from injury, surgical or external trauma. These shoes have undergone changes in appearance, materials, shape and anchoring—indicating the need to adapt to various self-induced problems from the shoe itself.

8 Types Of Foot Surgery & What They Mean For You

The foot is a complicated part of the anatomy, consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints and numerous tendons, ligaments and muscles. Many conditions affecting the foot can produce discomfort and without strong and healthy feet, we are often limited in our mobility. Sometimes the structure and mechanics of our feet and/or ankles change—for any number