• Caring For Aging Parents

    Caring for aging parents is often a tough and complex road to navigate. Here we’ll help you identify some of the signals to watch for, some of the obstacles to avoid and some of the resources to call on when the need arises.

  • Fitness for Diabetics

  • Footwear for Work

    If you’re on your feet for hours, your feet can really suffer. And because proper foot function affects the alignment of our lower limbs, finding the right footwear for work can mean the difference between hours of comfort or hours of pain. Explore the content here for information on what to look for in your footwear for work to ensure your feet stay healthy and happy.

  • Recovery Footwear

    After a hard day of hiking, running or other sports activities, we can all use a comfortable pair of post-adventure recovery shoes to slip into. Discover the latest news on how to show your feet some love and give your body the best chance to recover between training sessions.

  • Swollen Feet

    There are numerous reasons for swollen feet and ankles and most of them are not a major cause for concern. We’ll examine the causes and symptoms that lead to swelling feet, as well as explore ways to avoid this common problem.

  • Travel and Your Feet

    Whether it’s for business or pleasure, your feet can really take a beating when you travel. That’s why we’ve pulled together this information and these ‘trip-saving’ tips— like packing light and foot care on the road—all designed to ensure your travel is filled with many happy memories.